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It gives us immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as a specialist of Road Safety products. We cater to anything and everything when it comes to making the Indian roads safe. We deliver excellent value by balancing product performance and life cycle costs. It's our continuous endeavour to reach a point of customer delight from our client's perspective and we do that by following principles:

  • Quality product at competitive price
  • Timely delivery
  • Pristine service through effective communication
  • We deal in the following products:

Crash Beam, Guard Rail Reflector, Delineator, Centre Verge, Spring Post, Speed Breaker, Rumbler Strip, Cat Eyes, Solar Studs, Chevron, Median Markers, Overhead Gantry, Informatory Signboard, Cautionary Signboard, Mandatory Signboard, Plastic Cones, Reflective Clothing & Plastic Barriers. All the signboards are as per the IRC specifications and with warranties jointly signed by 3M/Avery .We also undertake Thermo Plastic Road marking jobs on turnkey basis.

All our products are made as per the guidelines of MORTH and IRC.


Crash beam barriers are one of the most proven road safety systems to make the array of roads safe. The basic function of guardrail is to absorb the impact energy of the colliding vehicle thus minimizing the extent of risk and damage to the vehicle and its passengers. Guardrail prevents the vehicles from rolling down high altitudes and swerving off the road. With the government taking keen interest in infrastructure and tough regulations for road safety, we're proud to be able to offer fully tailored solutions to any barrier requirement. Our range of Crash beam barriers provides traffic segregation and protection for pedestrians, buildings and plant machinery. Whatever your requirement, supply or install, contact us now and we'll help you get protected.

W Beams:

  • Cold roll formed in thickness of 3.00 mm Post :5.00 mm
  • Raw material conforming to IS 5986 Grade
  • Fe 360, Fe 410, Fe 510, IS 10748 Grade II .
  • Hot dip galvanized to 550 gm/sq.m


Guard Rail Reflector assembly of size 190mm x 115mm x 80mm is made of plastic moulding process with highly reflective sheeting on both sides (4" x 2" trapezoidal). It is to be installed at site on existing W Beam crash barrier (Guard Rail) after removing bolts and nuts with welding cutter and re-fixed it with all fixtures complete in all respect.


Delineators are ideal for highway and city roads, they are cost economical and durable and are custom made to our client's specification. They provide excellent reflective performance and aid in showing the shape of the road. Delineators are available in different sizes & fittings according to your requirements.


Centre verge is made up of MOLDED ABS-PV alloy UV stabilized material and designed with ribs on back side to give extra strength Its instant fixing makes it favorite and handy to control traffic on temporary basis.


Spring post is made of highly flexible plastic (PU). No damage will be done to the spring post or the vehicle even after severe hits as it rebounds to its original shape. It is fitted with circular reflective tape on the upper portion thus serving the dual purpose of diversion and also guiding the vehicular traffic from a long distance.


SPEED BREAKER is designed so dynamically and compact that it can bear maximum load on it. The body of the speed bump is A. made of Plastic/Rubber material. Two reflectors are welded with Plastic base through ultrasonic welding process and then fixed on to the speed breaker so that dust and water cannot touch reflector's inside area and thus it maintains its reflectivity for a long time. Speed Breaker are available in different sizes according to your requirements.


Rumbler strips are made up of Plastic material which makes them very tough so that they can sustain heavy weight. These strips are dual directional since they are having highly reflective imported glass panels on both sides (6 x 2). These strips are fitted on the surface with 2 nos. steel pin of 120mmx12mm.


Solar stud is made up of Aluminum Alloy/Poly Carbonate shell and comes with solar panel along with 1 rechargeable battery. It can be seen from a distance of1000 meters and can bear weight up to 10 Tones' approximately. It automatically turns on at night and turns off at dawn. Charging time is 5-6 hrs from direct sunlight and working time is 3-4 days after fully battery charged


Median marker is made of tough thermoplastic body through the process of injection molding and is having 100 mm diameter reflectors on both sides and is very useful for the centre elevated corridors.

Sign Boards

Cautionary Sign Board

Mandatory Sign Board

Informatory Sign Board

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